Best Traffic Exchange in 2018, Any Idea?

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asked Dec 20, 2017 in Buy Website Traffic by Toyo33 (460 points)

What will be best traffic exchange in 2018 and how they will help out websites to get real traffic? I am spending more than $4000/month in traffic exchanges and I can make double from that. SEO sounds mad and a waste of time.

I spent more than 10,000 USD in Adwords and they sent only 20-30 customers who repeat the website. Others are just visitors who click on ad and suck my money. But traffic exchanges are awesome. Just $100 can bring me a hell of visitors and there are many buyers.

My secret tools are Hit Leap, Alexa Master and RankBoostUp. All tools are older than 5 years and they are in a genuine business. Specially, Alexa Master is based in Canada where I can easily contact over the phone.

Hit Leap Traffic Exchange

hitleap traffic exchange

Alexa Master Advertising Platform

alexa master advertising

Rank Boostup Traffic Bot

rank boostup

Considering the limit of their traffic, I want to know more websites who can sell genuine traffic. If you know a website which can provide more than 100,000 visits per day, please post here. But do not mention stupid bux sites here. I hate them and they are very tricky. Mainly scams.

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answered Dec 21, 2017 by Samuel30 (500 points)

Otohits is the best traffic exchange in 2018. It's simple as,

  • An application reliable and stable.
  • Available for Windows, Linux and MaxOS
  • Surf as you want! And it's totally free!
  • A quick registration.
  • A fast validation (under 24h) of your websites, even automatic for certain websites.
  • An unique autosurf engine!
  • More than 15 millions visits delivered every day!

You can visit it here :

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I think otohits is a clone of hitleap. is that correct? I just started studying things about traffic exchanges. most of them have common templates. only alexamaster site has a unique design.
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answered Dec 22, 2017 by MonaLazzar (760 points)
In 2018, most traffic exchange will have a bad time, because Google keep black-listing those websites and their links due to artificial traffic nature. But somehow, I think bux sites still has a luck. I cannot guarantee all of them. I just assume this from my end.

I think alexa master is not a traffic exchange anymore. their youtube channel has published a new video about this upcoming disaster. It doesn't look like an official video to me, though I believe they have new techniques to survive in 2018.

Somehow, downloadable software (like hit leap) has a big issue because everyone is going after mobile platforms and mobile platforms have limited resources basically.

After, 3 hours of deep research I can only advice you one thing. Please do not use traffic exchanges or bux sites to earn money or get promotion to adsense. Google doesn't like cheaters. Just start a youtube channel and post some educational videos that help people to get something from you. YouTube income is really profitable nowadays.

Here you start :
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