NeoBux website and money making tips

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asked Dec 28, 2017 in Earn Money Online by SukrinaMe (1,220 points)

NeoBux website is a good website to make extra money and it helps advertisers using PTC traffic. Most people, including me use neobux and we recently faced more difficulties with them. They are,

  1. They don't have enough ads
  2. Neo bux rotates only bux sites who pay less
  3. We have to ways weeks to request 1 penny
  4. The revenue is not reasonable when we consider with our time
  5. Google say they will neglect traffic from bux sites
This can be very mysterious but most ad networks has banned bux sites. Specially google adsense can ban your account if you used a bux site. How you will react this? Any alternatives for neobux? Any new money making sites?
neobux website

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