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asked Dec 7, 2017 in Bots Software and Macros by ShaKira (620 points)
I look for Web Traffic Booster for free because I think I can get more ad views to my existing site. web traffic ranking and monitoring is really hard but I found some secret tools which can monetize my website.

I know there are too many bots and macros but Google hate them. I want to use a legit traffic system to boost my visitors. I love to have more comments from you.

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answered Feb 19 by miranda (1,680 points)
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Here is a new mobile app which is available in Google Play store. Its name is BoostWeb Free SEO. Try it and I hope it will work charm. If you need more support, you can contact the email and will answer you as soon as possible.


BoostWeb is a free mobile app which can easily optimize your website by using a wide range of SEO mechanisms. The amazing thing is, this app is lite, and simple. You don't have to add any advanced coding or technical tweaks to you website. Just register and add your website to get results. If your website has more search engine friendly contents, you will get massive organic traffic everyday after submitting to our free service.

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answered Feb 18 by joska10 (180 points)
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answered Jun 6 by mody (180 points)

it's free and you can make money also from it 


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